Refill Dry Shampoo

Refill Dry Shampoo

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Our popular dry shampoo is now available is a refill pack!

This product is made from 4 simple ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, organic cocoa powder, kaolin clay and essential oils.

To use: Dip a makeup brush into the container. Tap the excess off back into the container. Brush onto scalp where your hair is greasiest. Avoid using this on the ends of your hair as it may dry them out. We find it best to put the dry shampoo on at night to give the "shampoo" more time to soak up the sebum (aka grease). And it gives you a little extra time in the morning! Win-win!

2oz of product in a paper pouch.

This item is a refill for a jar you have already purchased (it does not come with a label for the jar).  This pouch is biodegradable and will start to crumble if it becomes wet and the product inside will be unusable.  We suggest slowly tapping the powder from the pack into your jar.  You might have to do this little at a time as the product needs to settle in the jar.

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