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Tooth Powder

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Remineralizing Tooth Powder

Fluoride Free!

Made with the healing benefits of Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is a swelling clay, so when it is hydrated it absorb toxins, impurities, heavy metals and other contaminants. 

Calcium powder and baking soda contain minerals that your teeth need and it helps whiten! 

The xylitol used in this product is sourced from birch trees and not corn. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that can actually reduce cavities.  

Ingredients : Food grade Bentonite clay, calcium powder, xylitol (non-GMO sourced), aluminum free baking soda, organic peppermint essential oil or organic cinnamon essential oil, trace minerals

HOW TO USE : For those of you new to tooth powder, don't worry this will not complicate your life. Just wet your tooth brush and sprinkle a small amount onto the tooth brush using the small scoop that comes with your order. Brush and rinse like normal. Then rinse your brush off in hot water.

We recommend using this Plant Based Toothbrush

For hygienic reasons, you should not share your tooth powder with another person.

Peppermint oil is NOT recommended for children younger than 10 years old or for women who are pregnant or nursing. Cinnamon essential oil is NOT recommended for pregnant women.

This tooth powder is not recommended for children under the age of 4 years old. In order to use this product, children should be very effective spitters. 


Educate yourself on Essential Oil Safety and Holistic treatments before using Whole Love Organics products


For external use only. Note : these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I like the products I received. My only suggestion, kind of, is the cinnamon tooth powder doesn’t taste very cinnamon. And I truly can’t say that it’s a complaint.


I was skeptical about using a tooth powder since we’ve always bought store brand toothpaste. I AM IN LOVE! Even my 5 year old says she wants to use it! It leaves my mouth feeling so clean.

Erin A.
Be sure to coat your brush!

Once I realized you need a good coat of powder, it was love! I definitely recommend that you wet your brush and then dip for best results. My teeth feel very clean. I recommend this item.

Works great!

I am not the biggest fan of the flavor for this tooth powder, but I feel like it works SO WELL. You can always add in your fave essential oils if you're not a fan of peppermint (which I am not).

Kristen S.
Love this!

My mouth feels significantly cleaner when I use this! And it has a great taste compared to other tooth powders I’ve tried. Definitely recommend!

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